Top 5 Computer Games

Ooh, I love catchy titles. My goal is a bit loftier than just pimping my own interests though!

There have been number of computer games in my life that have offered me certain insights into what this medium can do. These are quite often also my favourite games. My intention here is to mention a few of those games (a top five if you like) and then proceed in the coming entries to tell what they can teach to us about computer gametry. If you’re a game designer , you should pay attention! The games I have chosen are (in no particular order) [Name, Publisher, Platform]:

  • Pinball Dreams ( Century Entertainment, Amiga)
  • NetHack (The Devteam, all major computer platforms)
  • Populous (Electronic Arts, Amiga, with others)
  • Super Mario World 1/2 (Nintendo, SNES)
  • Half-Life (Sierra Studios, Electronic Arts, Valve, PC, with others)