Announcing My Apprenticeship

I have been thinking about this for awhile. In order to get oneself lodged into the Game Industry one needs work experience, at least here in Finland. Master’s degree means dick. In order to crack this slight of circle of doom I am launching a project with the intent of:

  1. Producing a Game design document and
  2. Producing a Game in accordance with the said Game design document.

Since my aspirations are on Game design the quality and practical usefulness of the Game design document is of outmost importance to me. Furthermore, the adherence of the Game with the document (as opposed to content of my mind) is important. Whatever is in the game should also appear in the document. I will open a separate page for this project, which will house the design document and general information. I will also document in detail all the problems, misgivings, misunderstandings and failures in this blog under the tag “Apprenticeship”.

Make no mistake, this is something I have to do, whatever the outcome. Can you dig it, bitches?

2 thoughts on “Announcing My Apprenticeship

  1. Yes, I have had several ideas and I’ve picked one, I will post a first part of the first draft of the design document in the-not-so-distant-future that will outline the general idea of the game.

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