Brief Hiatus in Game Design to Design a Game (Level)

I was given a small Game design task by a prospective employer and this task has required my game design -eligible part of my brain. Fortunately I’ve now finished working out the idea I had and should soon return to the task at hand.

I was given a task to design a level to a game and given character around which the game revolves. I have a question for you hordes out there. Do you think a walk-through would be a good way to demonstrate my idea?

2 thoughts on “Brief Hiatus in Game Design to Design a Game (Level)

  1. Translation of Bemmu’s comment above:”To whom are you making such a thing?”

    I think I prefer to stay descreet with such matters. I’m too much a empiricist with employment matter and I intend to keep this blog and all the content herein as faaar away as possible from other obligations.

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