Reality-Tv Idea

Why has no-one thought about a reality tv-series set in Game industry? The possibilites are endless! There would be a number of people competing over a chance to get their game design realized by a team of harnened industry veterans. You could subject the candidates to all kinds of hardships, sleep deprivation, impossible dead-lines, hunger, humiliation and of course all manner of personal strife. You could draw party-lines based on whether candidate was brought up on the NES or C64.

Since most of the candidates would probably be men, you could set them up with a model school attendants and add alcohol. Then you could have a bit of Gordon Ramsey -type screaming and cursing, visits from industry heavyweights offering words of encouragement and wisdom and of course challenges with overly luxurious prizes like dinner with Pac-man.

Now that I’d like to see.

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