Ninja Skill: Acquired!

I went bouldering for the first time in my life. This is the practice of climbing (in this case) walls with artificial holds, arranged to put up problems of most physical in nature. Since the climbs are only up to 5 metres tall, theres no safet equipment involved apart from common sense and cushions. To my surprise it’s not my arms that were the most to suffer but my hands. The skin in my hands and fingertips feels quite tender at the moment.

There’s always the problem of how much abuse are you going to subject yourself to when you are trying something physically demanding the first time. I think I did well. I expect to find myself a bit difficult to fist my hands in the morning and probably also my wrists will feel tense but probably nothing too bad to avoid me from operating a mouse.

Now I’ll just have to get to know the lingo involved.

5 thoughts on “Ninja Skill: Acquired!

  1. Sir,

    You have to wake up earlier in the morning to get me caught with something like that! Although my sarcasm meter might be faltering (due to overuse) my linguistic part of my brains is still operational!

    Your question suggests that my amazingness doesn’t have no bounds, i.e. that it has bounds. The trick here is to make the question appear as if you were asking “Does your amazingness know any bounds?”, which suggests that there aren’t any. Now, the answer to that question is left as an excercise for historians.

    If, on the other hand, you DID mean the latter case, but were unaware of the full implications of that double negative to the meaning of the sentence, then shame on you Sir! I hold you in much higher regard to accept that kind of a slip.

  2. Oh, but thats easy, there are infinitely more new things in the world than there are old things. You need more vigour to keep the new things away.

  3. These comments are turning into a discussion forum. I subscribed to your comment stream by RSS so I’ll always be tempted to reply if you reply :)

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