Time to Change

Not too long ago, I attended a cinematic event. Now that I can actually afford them I’ve grown to dislike them more and more. My biggest gripe are the advertisements. I’ve payed dear money for the priviledge and then they see it fit to show me probably the finest concentration of tripe known to man. Some of the ads are obviously mean’t for radio. Thats multimedia for you.

In that sea of meaninglessness something caught my attention as I was hoping to see Tropic Thunder instead. It was an ad for some jewelry which was apparently an improved version. Thus it had “2.0” added to its brand name.

Internet, I’ve known since my Blog began in it’s present form that the name was already a tired joke and that there would be a time when even Stephen Colbert would announce that it’s done. At that moment, in that movie theatre, when that deep voice claimed the reason for naming that jewelry something + “2.0” it was clear to me that now was that time. It’s time to get back to basics.

Ladies and Gentlemen, fÃ¥r jag presentera… Kimmo’s Blog (classic)!

2 thoughts on “Time to Change

  1. I went to see Vicky Cristina Barcelona (which was excellent btw), and I know exactly which ad you mean — that Kalevala Koru one right? I agree it feels wrong to pay an extortionate price for a movie ticket, then be bombarded with ads too. I’ve tried to pass the time by criticizing all the ads. They were all quite bad, probably the Fiesta ad was most ok, maybe 6 on a 1-10 ad scale.

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