Boy, Was I stupid When I was a Kid!

Memes have been all the rage since their invention some 2 million years ago. Internet memes have been even bigger rage since Al Gore invented them along with Internet itself back in the late 80’s. You don’t really exist in the web (i.e the Real World) unless you have enough eyeballs consuming your webpresence. The way to gain those is to become a part of a meme.

Usually this works by being either incredibly stupid, self-destructional or brilliant (preferably on camera). For us who don’t own a camera there’s one option left. This.

When I was a kid (4-5 years old) on one Independence day when there were fireworks displayed, I thought the Näsinneula-building, a landmark of Tampere, was a space rocket about to launch into space. Yes, I actually thought that Finland had a space program of it’s own. Boy, was I stupid!

4 thoughts on “Boy, Was I stupid When I was a Kid!

  1. >And this became a meme at your school?

    *Picard face palm*

    It appears that I have overestimated the cognitive abilities of my readership once again.

    No you silly wench! You go back to your blog, write a similar story of your own experience and link back to my blog and tell everybody you got the idea from me.


  2. > Kerrotko sähköpostiosoitteesi, jos haluat oldskool-assylipun.

    Miten voi kukaan unohtaa sähköpostiosoitteen?! Taitaapi jäädä Assembly väliin. Kiitos tarjouksesta.

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