I Feel for David Brent

I have been re-watching The Office. David Brent is the manager of the office and is considered to be a prime example of a bad boss.  He lies to his staff, his bosses, probably even himself. He exaggerates things, seeks blame on others and constantly offends people knowingly and unknowlingly.

But David is not a bad person. He is just totally lost on how to conduct himself in this world, either professionally, socially or with regards to women. The way things work for his asshole-but-more-attractive sales-rep friend Chris Finch is not the way it works for him. Professionally he is a living example of the Dilbert principle. Despite being somewhat inept as a boss, he has become one, probably on a fluke. Mistaking his position as his own achievement, David is simply blind to his own ineptitude. Being a success all the time is dangerous.

David doesn’t receive our sympathy until he comes aware of all this and accepts it. This is why I feel for David Brent. The world is a confusing place and people make no sense, you might as well be working in a random number factory, in charge of the sufficient value distribution.