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Birth of a Game Design Super Villain!

Assembly 2012 (Summer) Gamedev compo entries have now been published. I believe this makes me now a published game author…

EDIT: The votes are in, I came in last. Fools! You don’t know what you’re playing with, you don’t know what you have awakened! The Bane of awesome gameplay and top-notch audio-visual implementation shall soon devour your souls leaving only bare, quivering, well-entertained husk of a human being left!

When Life Hands You Lemons, You Reboot.

I took a six-month-long leave of absence from my less than satisfying and respectable day job. Now I have pretty much all the time in the world to see what I can make out of this. I really have no excuses, I have the time and sustenance and skills as well (or the ability to aqcuire those skills).

Other than excersing body and mind I will come up with at least one game and publish it. I really don’t expect anything other from this but the satisfaction of creating something real and maybe a work example/experience.

I’m also planning on documenting the whole process here on my blog, tagged properly.

Potential New Year Resolutions

A new year is upon us and in another year, a new decade as well. I had this crazy idea to try and write on my blog every single day something, anything, for the coming year. Instead of making up my own mind, why not ask the more essential people (=bots), you, the supposed readers.

What do you think? Should I take it upon myself to write something on this blog for every day a whole year?

Boy, Was I stupid When I was a Kid!

Memes have been all the rage since their invention some 2 million years ago. Internet memes have been even bigger rage since Al Gore invented them along with Internet itself back in the late 80’s. You don’t really exist in the web (i.e the Real World) unless you have enough eyeballs consuming your webpresence. The way to gain those is to become a part of a meme.

Usually this works by being either incredibly stupid, self-destructional or brilliant (preferably on camera). For us who don’t own a camera there’s one option left. This.

When I was a kid (4-5 years old) on one Independence day when there were fireworks displayed, I thought the Näsinneula-building, a landmark of Tampere, was a space rocket about to launch into space. Yes, I actually thought that Finland had a space program of it’s own. Boy, was I stupid!

I’m Officially Certified!

Certified ScrumMaster that is. I took a two-day course, led by Jens Østergaard and James O. Coplien, both outstanding lectureres. It wasn’t an impediment that the subject matter hit my local repository of human experience and values with good matches. Which means to say that I agreed on the explicit and implicit values and preconditions within Scrum.

It is kind of ironic but I recognize that the characteristics of Scrum that speak the most sense to me probably make it also incredibly difficult to wield in practice. For example, in Scrum, no-one and I mean no-one, can come and tell the development Team what they should be doing. The Team selects and co-ordinates itself, what it is going to do. But the Team itself is not responsible for the process and results, the ScrumMaster is. The ScrumMaster owns the process, i.e. is responsible that everything is running smoothly, including doing any- and everything to remove obstacles from the Team.

If there’s anyone wondering what’s the point of majoring in Philosophy in the Real World(tm), acquiring and assimilating different ways of thinking is probably a lot easier. I feel that I have at least one new one in my toolbox now.

The Worst of the Best of the Web is Back!

Hi! I’m back. I’m not too sorry. It’s a new year and a perfect opportunity for bit of growing up in the Blog department. As you can see, I’m fully kitted out with a proper blogging software with proper abilities, even for you non-luddites. Let’s have a look-see where this takes me.

Please leave your ‘Good luck’ -wishings in the comments. You may choose the language yourself. 8-)