This is the (for the time being) official place for the Computer Game Goldwingu.

Goldwingu in a nutshell:

  • Vertically scrolling, traditional shoot’em up
  • 1 and 2 player arcade-modes
  • Campaign mode
  • Light modding ability (such as configurable explosions)
  • Upgrading through performance (such as accuracy) instead of foraging.
  • Achievements

Download the latest version of Goldwingu! [v.0.36: Released 24th of October 2014.] (9.41MB)

Name: Goldwingu: Means to End

Genre: Shoot’em Up, TechnoMachoBullshit

Platform: Java6 + LWJGL + Slick2D (Linux, Mac, Windows, Solaris)

Status: In development

Author: Kimmo Savolainen

Screenshots from version 0.33:



Screenshots from version 0.32:

gold032.2 gold032.1

Screenshots for version 0.20:


Screenshots for version 0.14:

Older screenshot:


Expected release date for the next version: When its done!.

Previous versions of Goldwingu:
[v.0.35: Released 24th of October 2014.] Goldwingu0.35 (5.78MB)
[v.0.34: Released 10th of October 2014.] Goldwingu0.34 (5.76MB)
[v.0.33.1: Released 21st of July 2014.] Goldwinguv0.33.1 (4.86MB)
[v.0.33: Released 18th of July 2014.] Goldwinguv0.33 (4.86MB)
[v.0.32: Released 4th of July 2014.] Goldwinguv0.32 (4.85MB)
[v.0.31: Released 20th of June 2014.] Goldwinguv0.31  (4.59MB)
[v.0.30: Released 13th of June 2014.] Goldwinguv0.30 (4.01 MB)
[v.0.29: Released 6th of June 2014.] Goldwinguv0.29 (4.01 MB)
[v.0.28: Released 23rd of May 2014.]Goldwingu.28 (4.01 MB)
[v.0.27: Released 17th of May 2014.]Goldwingu.27 (4.01 MB)
[v.0.26: Released 9th of May 2014.] Goldwingu.26 (3.94 MB)
[v. Released 30th of April 2014.] Goldwingu2Ep1v0.25 (3.93 MB)
[v. 26th of February 2014.] Goldwingu2Ep1v0.24 (3.92 MB)
[v. Released 19th of December 2013.] Goldwingu2Ep1v0.23 (3.87 MB)
[v. Released 3rd. of November 2013.] Goldwingu2Ep1v0.22.5 (3.84 MB)
[v. Released 25th. of October 2013.] Goldwingu2Ep1v0.22 (3.84 MB)
[v. Released 18th. of October 2013.] Goldwingu2Ep1v0.21 (3.84 MB)
[v. Released 12th. of October 2013.] Goldwingu2Ep1v0.20.5 (3.83 MB)
[v. Released 28th. of September 2013.] Goldwingu2Ep1v0.20 (3.83 MB)
[v. Released 13th. of September 2013.] Goldwingu2Ep1v0.19 (3.83 MB)
[v. Released 18th. of August 2013.] Goldwingu2Ep1v0.17 (3.82 MB)
[v. Released 15th. of June 2013.] Goldwingu2Ep1v0.16 (3.81 MB)
[v. Released 7th. of June 2013.] Goldwingu2Ep1v0.15 (3.81 MB)
[v. Released 24th. of May 2013.] Goldwingu2Ep1v0.14.5 (3.81 MB)
[v. Released 10th. of May 2013.] Goldwingu2Ep1v0.14 (3.49 MB)
[v. Released 31st. of March 2013.] Goldwingu2Ep1v0.13 (3.46 MB)
[Released 22nd of March 2013.v.] Goldwingu2Ep1v0.12.5 (3.46 MB)
[Released 16th of March 2013.v.] Goldwingu2Ep1v0.12 (3.46 MB)
[Released 9th of March 2013.v.] Goldwingu2Ep1v0.11.5 (3.46 MB)
[Released 1st of March 2013.v.] Goldwingu2Ep1v0.11 (3.45 MB)
[Released 23rd of February 2013.v.] Goldwingu2Ep1v0.10.5 (3.45 MB)
[Released 15th of February 2013. v.] Goldwingu2Ep1v0.10 (3.45 MB)
[Released 8th of February 2013. v. (Maintenance release):] Goldwingu2Ep1v0.9.5 (3.45 MB)
[Released 2nd of February 2013.v.] Goldwingu2Ep1v0.9 (3.45 MB)
[Released 18th of January 2013. v.] Goldwingu2Ep1v0.8 (3.45 MB)
[Released 12th of January 2013. v.] Goldwingu2Ep1v0.7.5 (3.45 MB)
[Released 21st of December 2012.v.] Goldwingu2Ep1v0.7 (3.44 MB)
[Released 9th of December 2012. v.] Goldwingu2Ep1v0.6 (3.44 MB)
[Released 23rd of November 2012. v.] Goldwingu2Ep1v0.5 (3.42 MB)
[Released 23rd of November 2012. v., quick fix for the version 0.4] Goldwingu2Ep1v0.4
[Released 8th of November 2012. v. (Codename Aatos), Broken version, saved here to stand as a reminder to be better.] Goldwingu2Ep1v0.4_BROKEN
[Released 27th of October 2012. v.] Goldwingu2Ep1v0.3
[Released 20th of October 2012.] Goldwingu2Ep1v0.2
[Released 5th of October 2012.] Goldwingu2Ep1v0.1
[The first version, released at Assembly 2012 Summer] Goldwingu