As my day job slips farther and farther away from actual software development, I’ve come to face a decision. Either I get myself a project or I slowly become an alcoholic. I’ve chosen to get myself a project.

I’ve used better part of this Sunday to setup a development environment in my old work laptop. It’s a fairly meaty machine so running Linux on it is no problem. Installing Linux was no problem either. I had an Ubuntu disk image I had downloaded earlier, I downloaded an USB installer-maker and now I have a USB stick from which I can install an Ubuntu. Now I have a laptop with an Ubuntu, Eclipse with PyDev (and PyGame) running nicely.

…Annnnd now I have also a git-plugin setup to work with my Eclipse. I almost feel like developer now!

One main reason for this post was to also capture the nice date that we are having. You might also want to check out the permalink for this post, I hesitated to give this post a subject line that would have erased it.