Friday Night Ramblings, part 2.

You know you have hit somekind of low when the only reason you decide to right to your blog is that you are going to have a nice long line of 1’s in the permalink.

But then again, this blog has traditions, everybody remembers the big triple-8 entry that is still being discussed in Slashdot. That last thing is possible untrue, but you might as well believe it. Ramble ramble.

I just got back from my working out, first 1.5 hours were light, but the second 1.5 was not. Add o.5 hour of cycling and you have a rather tender piece of a person right here. I sincerely recommend exhaustive physical activities for everyone, the innumerably light sense of being afterwards is the purest form of existing I’ve felt.

That sounds so grand I feel the need to return this blog back to ground (and beyond!) and I’d like to say something like “I just farted”, but it wouldn’t be true and if this blog is about something it’s truth. And when I say it’s about truth I mean that it’s not to an extent that I’m not comfortable in admitting. Hows that for a ramble?