How to Hack a Net

NetHack is a game that would have enough to write about for a few good books, but since we are blogging here I’ll try and make it short and simple.

NetHack is a Rogue-like (who even knows this day what Rogue was like?) computer roleplaying game. That’s the classic definition. More to the point it’s one presented in colored ASCII-characters, turn-based and immensely detailed. NetHack is a good example of a complex game that doesn’t swamp the player with it. In any given game the player won’t come in contact with most of the games intrigues. This means theres plenty of stuff to wonder over for years. There’s a joke about the DevTeam thinking about everything.

But that’s not where I’d like to draw the attention in NetHack. The main lessons NetHack can give any particular game enthusiast would be:

  1. Computer Games can be revised, honed, perfected indefinetely. NetHack has been in development some 20 years.
  2. NetHack isn’t imprisoned by it’s rugged apperiance but draws power from it and makes it work for it.  There are features in the game that would be practically impossible to realize without it’s ASCII-base.

Ok, is that concise enough for you? Need something elaborated? There is a thing called comment-section in this blog these days…