Beware of Winterists!

It is that time of year when Winterists come crawling under their rocks to spoil everything for the rest of us. They put on their cardigans, woollen head gear, neck scarfs and mittens, just as soon as they thinks it’s “time for Autumn”  or whatever is the current euphemism for these people. No coat is too heavy for them, no number of layers of clothing too small.

This phenomena has some serious implications. It is a well-known fact that temperatures get lower when people start wearing more clothes. This fact is backed by thousands of years of empirical experience. Also the opposite is a true fact. When people start to wear less in the Spring, the weather gets warmer. But the Winterists spoil it for everyone else by starting to wear wintergear as early as possible and hold on wearing them as late as possible, effecting the weather patterns of the whole universe.

Stop the Winterists before it’s too late! Wear your shorts and bikinis as late as you can to offset their influence! Remind people on various forums on the dangers that Winterists pose!

4 thoughts on “Beware of Winterists!

  1. Thank you John for your insightful comment! It really would be impossible to continue blogging without the help and support of such people like you John! I was close to giving up before I saw your comment! I am and shall always be your friend!

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