Day of Reckoning Gets Closer

I’ve set the date for the first Alpha Release Candidate 1 for Goldwingu: 10th of May.  I’m really getting close to the point where I just need feedback from outside my brain to get forward. Before that I’ll need:

  1. Video of the gameplay.
  2. At least 5 (preferably more) different enemies, with different movement, attacks and other qualities.
  3. A few, good, meaningful achievements.
  4. Some polish to the GUI.
  5. I still need to tweak the Campaign-mode a bit. The pace needs to be slower. Capability to build ships should be more expensive (i.e. it would require a big-ass ship yard, but once you have one, ships should be easy to build).

That’s the bare minimum. I’ve got a week to go. Do you think I can make it?