Goldwingu Has Been Accepted as a Nominee for Indie Dev Grant

Indie Dev Grant is a program by Kyttaro Games and Bundle in a Box where in 15$ for every 100 Bundle in a Box sold is added to the grant which then is given to a project voted by the fans.

Check out the competition. Some fine looking and otherwise interesting projects are included. I hope to gain at least a little bit of exposure for G, although it always makes me a bit nervous (yet, strangely excited) to get my game infront of people.

2 thoughts on “Goldwingu Has Been Accepted as a Nominee for Indie Dev Grant

  1. Congrats, I just checked out their Bundle in a box site to see how my game made the first cut. Yours looked interesting, so I just dled it and hope you do well. Old school shooters rock, I still play Galaxian every othe day on my standup. I am glad to see they are getting respect.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! I think it’s already working if people take the time to comment it on my blog. 8-)

    Still many weapons, enemies and better explosions to go.

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