Happy Birthday! You’re Welcome!

A less than week ago I had a small party celebrating a pre-alpha launch of Goldwingu. Of course the time when a software hits an alpha stage is left to anyones guessing but I think it was nice to have a certain date set for you. Progress has been rather slow and sometimes you just need to drudge on to see where you should go next.

I also thought about my definition of “Done” and I came to the decision that I consider this game to be ready when its in sale in Steam (or suitable alternative), after which the Launch Party proper can be held. I also decided to give some pledges, to maybe help myself get there sooner:

  1. No alcohol after 14th of September (you have to celebrate a bit…) until it’s Done.
  2. One climbing session more each week until it’s 5 per week until it’s Done.
  3. I will write once a week on my blog about my shenanigans in the world of indie game development.

I was almost certain I thought of more, but thats it for now.

Today I released a new version of Goldwingu, to celebrate my birthday. Unfortunately sound support had to be dropped because the samples I was using didn’t allow re-distribution (even though they were otherwise royalty-free). Most changes are under the hood, but do have a go and see for yourself.

EDIT: Added third pledge.