If at First It Barely Works, Try and Try Again.

This week I have been tackling my Tactical Display issues and I have to admit I’ve pretty much managed to (re-)implement stuff that I wanted. It’s funny how easy problems seem to be when you’re solving them the second time around.

I want to use the tactical display for two things; mainly being a proper functional part of the game e.g giving the player information that isn’t needed all the time, providing the mechanic for missile usage and to also instill a sense of awesome power at your finger tips, which I think is a crucial part of Technomachobullshit.

Some of the functionality I have implemented for TD is:

  1. Label can follow the players ship, it can appear from the side of screen or it can be a normal stationary label on screen. A label can be anything really, not just text.
  2. A label on screen can be changed dynamically. At the moment I can display the score with this, but it would be trivial to implement this for letters as well as numbers.
  3. TD is player spesific, but it isn’t handled very graciously at the moment.

I’m actually quite pleased how it has come around so far, but as I said this is my second time implementing this functionality (and then some).