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Release: Goldwingu: Means to End v.0.38

If you blink, you’ll miss out. I took a few steps back, cut away things that I wasn’t satisfied with and started over with the enemies. As a result, I think Goldwingu is a more solid whole. Have a go: Goldwingu v.038 [10.3MB]

In this and previous version:

  • Added Statistics and Options pages.
    • Options for cutting the jump sequence, turning the inertia movement on/off and making the pixel placement smoother than the resolution.
  • Added focus (default ‘s’) function that slows the game66%.
  • GUI is now uniformly all pixels.
  • 11 enemies.
    • Enemies are unlocked by escaping alive and embiggening the compound score.
  • Normal, super shots and missiles. Upgrades to shots only. Missiles are awarded for chains.
  • All kinds of other things.

Inching Toward Beta Status

Today I released something I’d like to call an alpha version of Goldwingu (v.0.33, 4.86MB). Reasons for this go beyond just the state of my mental health. I’m running more and more into problems I feel are not really up to me but require a lot more player feedback. It’s just not balancing issues but opinions on the games interface, mechanics and even off-game matters like the possibility of tinkering with the game settings and even playable content.

I’ve also reached around for a sound person through my huuuge network of people of various backgrounds. I’ve received one response from a person just mentioning how they have more than enough work on them already. It bums me out a bit that I really  can’t afford to offer guaranteed payment at this stage, which just means that my sound effects are a combination of Bxfr generated stuff and samples found in open sound libraries across the great web.

Now go download that new version and tell me what you think!

Release: Goldwingu: Means to End v.0.31

The release cycle moves just too quickly for boring announcement postings! Get Goldwingu: Means To End v.0.31 [4.59MB] before we run out of bits!

On this (and the previous version) at least these

  • Sound support (with volume control) and two sounds for explosions.
  • Missile targetting takes place holding missile key down (default ‘x’) and releasing it releases missiles.
  • Bosses appear now after there are 5 or less enemies around (instead of set time interval).
  • Inertia movement much more toned down.
  • Resized the window (from 800px -> 700px) and other graphical fixes.
  • Balancing changes; more bullets, enemy waves follow closer each other.

If you’re celebrating Midsummers Eve instead of playing computer games, don’t drown out there! Wear a condom!

Release: Goldwingu: Means to End v.0.29

That’s right! Already a new version was released even though you didn’t even realize that you missed the previous release! Don’t blink or you might miss everything! Download Goldwingu: Means to End v.0.29 [4.01MB]

New stuff in versions 0.28 and 0.29:

  • Text rendering should be better.
  • UI changes
    • missile key changed to –> ‘X’
    • you only toggle between low, mid and high settings for engine output which are common for thrusters and weapons and not separate like previously.
  • TD appearance changed slightly.
  • Maintenance work done on Campaign mode.

Release: Goldwingu: Means to End v.0.27

Like a thief sneaking into the night a new version gets released. What am I doing here? I could be in sleep by now?! Get the new version (v.0.27) of Goldwingu [4.01 MB]. Stuff that might interest you in this version:

  • Normal shots and power shots are under same key (default ‘z’). Tap it to fire normal shots and hold it down for powershots.
  • Dynamically assembled end-of-level-monsters introduced. Some randomness implemented to the construction. Bosses comprise of inert background, weapons and powerpoints. Powerpoints act as the ‘heart’ of the boss (or part of it). Destroy the powerpoint and the whole enemy (or part of it) blows up.

Good night! Make highscores!

Release: Goldwingu: Means to End v.0.26

They are dropping like flies these days! Get the new version (v.0.26) of the re-named Goldwingu [3.94 MB] nao!

  • Weapons and thrusters recharge-rate displayed with one gauge now in Tactical Display, which changes colour if their combined charge-rate surpasses engines capabilities.
  • End of level text now shows the medals you’ve earned as well as the upgrades that come with them.
  • Name has been changed for PR purposes.

Does anyone read these last lines?

Release: Goldwingu 2: Episode 1; Means to End v.0.25

Everyday you release a new version of your game is a good day! Download Goldwingu version [3.93 MB] Goodies include (from release notes):

  • Explosions are weighted based on where the fatal shot was hit.
  • Tactical display shows component conditions (after ~2sec delay) or all the time if the component is broken.
  • Missile targetting is now engaged with the same keys as missiles are shot with (default is ‘c’) and stays on until shot down again.
  • Some medals and upgrades added.
  • All new enemies (13ish) with new attack patterns and placeholder graphics.

Drop that May Day celebration and play a game like proper human!

Contemplating a Name Change and Other Tall Tales from the Fantastic World of Independent Game Development

Not too long ago I went through a period of wondering whether I should change the name of my game. This is usually down to frustration from spelling it out to people and the not-so-technomachobullshit nature of it. I always seem to not bother with it though. It always seem too much bother, if I could agree on a new name to begin with. The main good point of Goldwingu is that it doesn’t mean anything else; I get all those Goooogle result pages for myself, at least for now.

Contemplating a name change pales in comparison with some of the other problems I’ve tackled with lately. One big one has been actually producing interesting and balanced enemies. The way I finally approached that chest nut was good ol’fashioned analysis and breaking the problem down to a smaller parts. I started with coming up with a bunch of two-sided options: smooth vs. accelerating/decelerating movement, predictable vs. unpredictable movement, standard top-down movement vs. mixed movement. From these its easy to pick the easiest options and have an order of various options (i.e. top-down, smooth, predictable movement would be for the easiest enemy).

Add to the list a bunch of options for the bullets and you have a 40 different choices that can be put in an order for difficulty. Trivial options would have been to make difficulty be based on shield strength and number of bullets emitted but thats too easy for an ambitious person like me. Besides I think my chosen options make for much more interesting enemies.

Or does it?!