Time For Some Introspection

I recently became a member of IGDA Finland and I was at their first official meeting on Wednesday. It was surprisingly quiet, but as the meeting took place at Rovio HQ there was at least baguettes to bring home. Their other gatherings seem to draw much more people.

On the coding part of my life, I’ve turned by focus on the Campaign mode. Which led me to think about how to create Scenarios and I made a class for them. This in turn led me to re-factor my GUI-buttons (yeah, I’ve been doing some low level stuff). I’m quite happy how the new code turned out. It allows me to do for example some swanky hover-animations to add that professional polish.

You could say I got kind of sidetracked there, but thats how it goes when your code is full of hard-coded values and all manner of “temporary” solutions. It’s like cleaning your desk, then noticing that now the floor looks dirty in comparison and pretty soon you’re outside raking the leaves, even though its not your job.

I’ve purposefully left the publishing date for the next version as TBA to give myself some breathing room. I have been thinking about taking a week off from coding and just preparing all manner of PR material that needs to be done but the truth is that I’d get plenty done even in a day, especially if that day was every week, but so far the lure of unfinished code has been stronger.