…And Why on Earth Do I Blog?

I met a friend at the shop and being such intelligent and well-thought young men we quickly engaged in some deep discussion about this-and-that. One subject we touched was blogging and the why of it. I explained that I don’t treat my blog as a diary and I certainly hope that none reads it like one. I certainly write for me, but with being aware that anyone at any point in future might read it.

If I were more logical and sensible I wouldn’t blog at all, for that reason alone. Whatever you will write will be misunderstood and -treated. Why take a risk like that? For the time being, for most intents and purposes, this blog doesn’t exist. That might change in the future but why bet on something like that? Blogging gives me an ample leverage to battle those nincompoops who insist that everything that exists has to be carefully recraft in Facebook. I have yet to come across ANY argument from them to join Facebook, just the amazement that I don’t, that this won’t, either, be a reason in itself for the foreseeable future.

So, why on Earth do I blog? I positioned myself up against a rather good question. Of course the real reason is exactly the same why people use Facebook, greet others, call other people with derogative names and wear provocative clothing. It is to get some (any) attention.

5 thoughts on “…And Why on Earth Do I Blog?

  1. Thank you for your correspondence dear Sir/Madam/other. Yes, you indeed can cry underwater and infact you should too. Not does it just help keep water level in a level that is appreciable but no-one won’t notice that you’ve been crying! Thats clearly a win-win situation, especially if it’s the fact that you are underwater that is making you cry!

  2. In truth, immediately i didn’t understand the essence. But after re-reading all at once became clear.

  3. Awww, nobody understands the essence at first! I’m a future to-be-genious! You have to be living 40 years from now to appreciate me completely! I am glad all at once became clear to you! Can you bottle that and sell it for 5€ / flask?

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