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The Big 4-0

It’s that time of the decade that I get to change not one digit but two in the numeral depicting my age. Yes, I’m no longer a hot 30-something, from now on I will creepy 40-something. Please, leave you commiserations or if you prefer, your naughty pics, at the comments.

When Life Hands You Lemons, You Reboot.

I took a six-month-long leave of absence from my less than satisfying and respectable day job. Now I have pretty much all the time in the world to see what I can make out of this. I really have no excuses, I have the time and sustenance and skills as well (or the ability to aqcuire those skills).

Other than excersing body and mind I will come up with at least one game and publish it. I really don’t expect anything other from this but the satisfaction of creating something real and maybe a work example/experience.

I’m also planning on documenting the whole process here on my blog, tagged properly.

Too Much for Saturday Morning

Last Saturday I was away in an almost foreign city, known for its working class history. It was morning and I was waiting outside a supermarket, waiting for it to open so I could get myself some caffeine.  Something you might call a hobo called me out. Asked me to come sit with him, to chat out.

Now, there are two ways you can approach this kind of familiarity. Either you dis it with extreme prejudice or you go along with it, do the human thing.  I chose the latter and sat next to him. He started to simply pour out his life with history and opinions. People like him are pretty candid about their condition, he drinks a lot, doesn’t expect to be alive too long, had a few songs, told me I was a good listener.

When our brief meeting came to a natural end, he asked me my name, and then gave me the most heart wrenching blessings I’ve heard. After receiving it, I felt compelled to shake his hand and thank him. I left with a lump in my throat.

De-Fenestration, pt.1

I am now three-complete. I have running machines that operate under Windows (XP), Linux (Ubuntu) and Mac OSX. Now I’m beyond any flamefests, I can claim objective truth about any of the OS’s and nobody can claim prejudice. Pretty soon I will rule the on-line world with my position.

But alas, this is only momentary position since in the future I’ll aim to be Windows-free.

You may congratulate me on my nerd-prowess in the comment section.

…And Why on Earth Do I Blog?

I met a friend at the shop and being such intelligent and well-thought young men we quickly engaged in some deep discussion about this-and-that. One subject we touched was blogging and the why of it. I explained that I don’t treat my blog as a diary and I certainly hope that none reads it like one. I certainly write for me, but with being aware that anyone at any point in future might read it.

If I were more logical and sensible I wouldn’t blog at all, for that reason alone. Whatever you will write will be misunderstood and -treated. Why take a risk like that? For the time being, for most intents and purposes, this blog doesn’t exist. That might change in the future but why bet on something like that? Blogging gives me an ample leverage to battle those nincompoops who insist that everything that exists has to be carefully recraft in Facebook. I have yet to come across ANY argument from them to join Facebook, just the amazement that I don’t, that this won’t, either, be a reason in itself for the foreseeable future.

So, why on Earth do I blog? I positioned myself up against a rather good question. Of course the real reason is exactly the same why people use Facebook, greet others, call other people with derogative names and wear provocative clothing. It is to get some (any) attention.

I Feel for David Brent

I have been re-watching The Office. David Brent is the manager of the office and is considered to be a prime example of a bad boss.  He lies to his staff, his bosses, probably even himself. He exaggerates things, seeks blame on others and constantly offends people knowingly and unknowlingly.

But David is not a bad person. He is just totally lost on how to conduct himself in this world, either professionally, socially or with regards to women. The way things work for his asshole-but-more-attractive sales-rep friend Chris Finch is not the way it works for him. Professionally he is a living example of the Dilbert principle. Despite being somewhat inept as a boss, he has become one, probably on a fluke. Mistaking his position as his own achievement, David is simply blind to his own ineptitude. Being a success all the time is dangerous.

David doesn’t receive our sympathy until he comes aware of all this and accepts it. This is why I feel for David Brent. The world is a confusing place and people make no sense, you might as well be working in a random number factory, in charge of the sufficient value distribution.

Loomed Anniversary

I don’t think I could have wished for a nicer day. I just got back from a fireworks display at the amusement park after spending a good few hours there on the day that was just enough to ask for for this time of year. Sunny and pleasant all day. A nice retribution for yesterday when I got literally soaking wet on a cycling trip.

The day went as planned. Some light computer gametry and coffee in the morning. Day at the amusement park. Retiring home for a pizza in the evening. Catching a fireworks display at night. There’s still some pizza left and a spot of heavy cider in the fridge.

It is shame that the supposed humans I know are such a bunch of pussies…