Release: Goldwingu 2: Episode 1; Means to End v.0.9.5

I hope you are not getting bored yet! The new version of Goldwingu 2: Episode 1; Means to End v.0.9.5 [3.45MB] is out! This one is a pretty heavily optimized version. That’s the good part of being an amateur, you can gain ridiculous amounts of improvement just by being lousy enough to begin with!

In this version:

  1. Heavy optimization in the drawing routine. This version should be a few times more efficient in drawing than previous versions.
    1. Moved from using triangles to drawing pixels and just use points and set their size accordingly.
    2. Reduced the number of glBegin() and glEnd calls.
  2. Fixed the PNG-reading routine, which should read any PNG-file without hiccups (assuming it has the right colors).
  3. Added a fuel component to Campaign mode. Now the player has a certain amount of fuel that limits to how far he can fly and replenishes at own planets only.