Release: Goldwingu 2: Episode 1; Means to End v.0.10

Apologies for keeping such a boring Blog these days, but it’s the big one o’. Goldwingu 2: Episode 1; Means to End v.0.10 [3.45MB]. You just have to ask how good is this going to get?

In this version:

  1. Added radar coverage to the Campaign mode. Now enemy planets are seen only when close enough. Because of my low OpenGL-fu this radar coverage is not shown on the map, I couldn’t get the drawing routine fast enough. (NOTE: I give myself no points for this, but it does defy certain boundaries of common sense.)
  2. The map in Campaign mode should be more tidy now, redundancys have been removed. Also planets that have a full production capacity are shown in brighter color, and the actual production capacity is shown for the planets where its not full.
  3. PNG-reading routine now reads and saves the actual color information, so trying out new kinds of enemy ships should be relatively easy.
  4. Other bits and pieces.