Limbo is Awesome and I Hate It.

I went ahead and bought the 9th Humble (Indie) Bundle as a belated birthday present for myself. HB9 carries some heavy-weight names such as Fez, Bastion, Limbo and Mark of the Ninja (among others). It would be easy to make the claim that Indie Gaming is rapidly turning into a superstar fueled business where those already well-known games getting more attention.

I am sure the truth has more shades of gray than this, partly because I’m at the bottom rang of that Indie Game barrell. I’ve got nothing to show for myself but my game, with no industry connections, with practically no skills whatsoever. Outcome looking grim. Better step on the gas.

Then there was re-factoring. I have been pounding my head to the desk, trying to get my label system working as I want it to. Labels are practically just text imposed on the screen, what I’ve been doing about them is very low level and nasty. These labels have or are planned to have the following characteristics:

  1. Labels can be combined together to make new labels (e.g. Component name + it’s condition shown in the Tactical Display)
  2. They are read from the disk and transformed into an array of Atoms, that can be chugged for my existing drawing routine without major changes.
  3. Some effects are applied, where necessary.
  4. Should be dynamic, i.e. the Label describing a component name + it’s condition can be changed easily.

#4 has been the headache inducer for me. Where should the combining and updating of Labels be handled? As I write this I get a feeling that Labels should be immutable but their appearance should change as needed. You’d have them stashed in your Model, with a reference in your View. Should be easy to update all the player related stuff (namely TD) as well as other GUI stuff. You’d have static helper class for some manipulation stuff (such as combining labels together).

All I need is at this stage is one way of doing it that you can beautify and trim later on. I hate being stuck in a rut like this.