Marketing Is Not Optional

Last Saturday I published Goldwingu v. 0.20 without even remembering to make a post about it. The reason was that I wanted to make a post on Reddits /r/gamedev subreddits Screenshot Saturday thread and was busy making everything pretty. Subsequently my post was buried under the pile of awesomeness of other fine Indie games. I did manage to make a video, and even upload it to YouTube, action which removed practically all detail from the video.

“Marketing is not optional” goes the old Indie wisdom and I can hardly do any worse from here.

Next iteration will focus more on adding playable content. I will try and see what the current platform can accomplish. Adding content (such as different types of enemies) always leads to ideas to add to the platform as well. I guess what you can learn from this is that if you ever get stuck in your game development with not knowing what you should focus on next, try honing the game side of it. Add something new, change the balancing or reach out and acquire outside feedback.

On the other side of things worth mentioning, I found out I have a copy of Garage Band in my old MacBook, which might prove useful in crafting some music, although I didn’t manage to get dirty enough guitar out of it. ZZ Tops Ninja Shack opening chords dirty that is.

Maybe I should just do some GIF-animations of different explosions.