Then Suddenly You Think You’ve Accomplished Something

This past week I’ve been lazy and complacent but mostly lazy. I set out to add more content to the game, mostly new types of enemies. I’ve had this idea of “compound enemies” where you basically form one bigger enemy from other enemies. Then you could make traditional end-of-level-monsters, which would have several different weapons to be destroyed piece-by-piece quite easily. And so, adding playable content led me into tweaking the functionality as well. We’ll see this Friday what I’ve managed to come up with.

At TIGforums there’s one brave individual who’s determined to make one game a day throughout October. Since I don’t currently feel that I fail often enough, this has given me a similar idea. I’d spend November, not just failing at growing a beard, but also making one new enemy per day!

Before that, I really really really have to get the functionality to a level that I didn’t need to spend time working on it.