Release: Goldwingu: Means to End v.0.31

The release cycle moves just too quickly for boring announcement postings! Get Goldwingu: Means To End v.0.31 [4.59MB] before we run out of bits!

On this (and the previous version) at least these

  • Sound support (with volume control) and two sounds for explosions.
  • Missile targetting takes place holding missile key down (default ‘x’) and releasing it releases missiles.
  • Bosses appear now after there are 5 or less enemies around (instead of set time interval).
  • Inertia movement much more toned down.
  • Resized the window (from 800px -> 700px) and other graphical fixes.
  • Balancing changes; more bullets, enemy waves follow closer each other.

If you’re celebrating Midsummers Eve instead of playing computer games, don’t drown out there! Wear a condom!