Inching Toward Beta Status

Today I released something I’d like to call an alpha version of Goldwingu (v.0.33, 4.86MB). Reasons for this go beyond just the state of my mental health. I’m running more and more into problems I feel are not really up to me but require a lot more player feedback. It’s just not balancing issues but opinions on the games interface, mechanics and even off-game matters like the possibility of tinkering with the game settings and even playable content.

I’ve also reached around for a sound person through my huuuge network of people of various backgrounds. I’ve received one response from a person just mentioning how they have more than enough work on them already. It bums me out a bit that I really  can’t afford to offer guaranteed payment at this stage, which just means that my sound effects are a combination of Bxfr generated stuff and samples found in open sound libraries across the great web.

Now go download that new version and tell me what you think!